Eco-efficient performance fiber

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Find the uncommon thread

You've discovered it: a material that transforms fabrics into experiences and weaves luxury into the everday.
It's the fiber that defines softness and defies boundaries.

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Live with every fiber of your being

In your clothing, Sorona® takes you boldly towards adventure and embraces you like an old friend. Wearing it is effortless, and living in it is an experience.



Make your everyday exceptional

Sorona’s lush, elegant carpets let you spend every day escaping the ordinary. They come with the kind of simple purity you can only find in nature and an untamed softness you wish you could melt into.


Be a force of nature

When you do good, you feel good. For us, that means treating the planet with respect—sourcing natural ingredients and reducing the carbon footprint of our production process. And for you, it means choosing better materials to wear and to work with.

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Sorona® fiber is as versatile as your imagination—get in touch to learn more about what Sorona® can do for you, your business or your project.

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